Tanning Tips

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There are two types of ultraviolet light rays, UVA and UVB. Different indoor tanning units use different combinations of these two tanning rays. Your exposure times are regulated by federal guidelines to minimize your risk of overexposure (burning).

Fun Tan associates are trained to help you tan by following the exposure schedule designed for your skin type. This is the best and safest way to acquire a tan.


  • Plan up to 10 sessions scheduled consecutively to build your base tan. When you have achieved your desired level of color, 1 to 3 sessions a week will maintain your tan.
  • People with lighter complexions who burn easily may want to start with sessions every other day.
  • You may wish to tan in the nude. Be aware that areas of the skin that are not normally tanned should be exposed gradually.
  • You may want to remove make-up. It can cause uneven tanning and some cosmetics can cause a skin reaction.
  • If you are on medication, contact your doctor or pharmacist to inquire about possible photosensitivity associated with the medication.
  • When beginning a tanning plan, some people may experience a heat rash or itching. Increase the length between sessions until your skin becomes acclimated.
  • Eyewear must be worn to protect your eyes from possible long-term injury. FDA compliant eyewear is provided upon each visit or may be purchased.
  • Protect your lips. Lips do not produce melanin and will burn easily. Lip balm or sunscreen is suggested and is available for purchase.
  • You will get better tanning results by using an indoor tanning lotion each time you tan.

Appointments are accepted and walk-ins are welcome. Making an appointment may increase your enjoyment by making the experience more convenient for you. Please, respect your appointment and notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel.

Respect others appointments by using as little time as possible dressing. We provide facilities specifically for grooming after your session.

Check for all your belongings before leaving your room, as we cannot be responsible for personal items left behind. (We will make every effort to return any items that we happen to find.)

Children are welcome in the salon, but are not allowed in the room with you due to safety regulations. A children’s play area is provided. You are responsible for your child’s behavior during your visit. We are happy to have them as long as they can stay in the designated area without supervision.

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