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Fun Tan has offered excellence in tanning since 1999.

NOW is the time to start tanning in the Best Tanning Salon Ever!

  • Fun Tan’s Smart Tan certified staff is trained exclusively in tanning, allowing us to offer all our clients professional tanning advice.
  • We strive to exceed your expectations!
  • Our staff will help you find the tanning plan that is YOUR best value, based on your individual needs and tanning habits.
  • We presently offer 40 tanning rooms in 5 levels of tanning. You will tan in complete privacy, behind locked doors, while enjoying your favorite music from a variety of satellite radio stations available.
  • Fun Tan is open 7 days a week, welcoming walk-ins and appointments for your convenience.





Mystic Spray Tan single session-$24 Private booth! Light, Medium, or Dark! Your next session is $19 (within 30 days)

Mystic Spray Tan video



If we avoid the sunlight at all costs, we also avoid the best form of vitamin D we can get. And this deficiency can cause some serious health problems.


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We are Sunshine!